Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc is proud to be serving the Louisville and Southern Indiana Healthcare providers for nearly 25 years.  We offer much more than just medical insurance billing and patient billing services.  We offer consulting services, training, computer network systems, telephone systems, and tele-radiology systems.  All hardware sales and installations are tailored to your needs and budget.  Our systems are designed specifically for Healthcare Providers and are very competitively priced.  Our staff consist of accountants, IT specialist, programmers and professionally trained personnel.  Our collection rate is 98.6% of all claims file that are adjudicated.  All claims are submitted carrier direct and they are audited for accuracy before being submitted. This ensures that 99.7% of the claims are error free before being submitted to the carries. 


Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc offers state of the art management software for Healthcare providers.  We are the only billing service but we have a software development company. Medical Data Technologies, Inc. is our sister company and they are responsible for the development and sale of emedpro™. emedpro is the only software on the market with the CSAS© (Carrier Specific Auditing System) system. This system ensures that 98.6% of your claims are adjudicated the first time.  All claims are audited before leaving the computer.  To learn more about our software and the CSAS© system visit our website by clicking on the emedpro logo.

Since Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc  is physician owned, we have a more personal understanding of the challenges and expenses involve with healthcare operations.  For this reason we are aggressive with insurance company's to pay what they are required by law, and are aware of changes in fee schedules, non payable procedures, and coding changes.  Plus, it would be an honor to have the opportunity to serve you and tailor our products and services to your needs.  Please contact us anytime at Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc 502-794-6852. 


Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc. most popular service is providing full practice management or insurance billing and collections. Along with billing patients for out of pocket healthcare cost. 

Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc. can tailor our services to your specific needs.  Within 60 days you will see the difference in your bottom line.  Generally we are able to increase revenue by 15% or more.  It is our belief that for every dollar paid to us for our services you should be putting an additional two in your pocket.  You can get a brief outline of our services by clicking
Full Practice Management Services.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


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Call or email us and we would be honored to review you situation and evaluate if we could be of assistance.  We do not take all clients.  We have a limited number of openings so that we can maintain a consistent high level of service to all of our clientele.  We can be reach at 502-794-6852 or




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MDT, Inc is in the process of development of the next generation of management software. It is scheduled to be released for beta testing in 2013. This will bring a many new and exciting  possibilities for our current and future clients. The designed of this new version is  to allow seamless and reliable  integration with other medical data systems. Our goal is to allow integration with hospital systems, lab, and diagnostic systems along with accounting and internet resources.






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